Frequently Asked Questions

Planning on taking our one-day safe boating course? Please feel free to browse our frequently asked questions below or give us a call today! However, if you do need your boater certification, we are currently offering an in-person or online boating license course for residents across the state of Connecticut. Browse our class schedule and register today!

Q: What Do I Need Prior To Class?
A:You are required by the State of Connecticut to acquire a Conservation ID from the State. Please click here and fill out the form.

Download the S.E.A. step-by-step procedure on acquiring the Conservation ID.
Q: How Do I Get The Required Conservation ID Prior to Class?
A: To get the required Conservation ID from the state of CT, you will need to fill out the required information here. Log into the site and search to see if you are in the system.

If you have purchased a fishing or hunting license previously online, you should be in the system. Record your Conservation ID number and bring it to class. Download the S.E.A. pdf step-by-step procedure on acquiring the Conservation ID.
Q: How Do I Print my Lifetime Connecticut Certificate?
A: Three days after completing our One Day Safe Boating Course, the state of CT will have your course completion information in their database and you can complete Step 3 anytime.

1. Log into the site and enter your Name/Conservation Number.
2. It will find you in the system. Click on BOATING tab.
3. Follow directions to pay the $50 State Fee and print your Certificate.

Download the S.E.A. step-by-step procedure on acquiring the Conservation ID.
Q: When is Your Next Safety Course Being Conducted?
A: We conduct our boater safety courses every month! If you're interested in signing up for an upcoming session, be sure to browse our current course schedule. It's truly never been easier to gain your safety certification.
Q: Are Your Safety Courses Held Digitally or In Person?
A: Currently, our boating courses are being conducted remotely, via Zoom. That being said, we have previously conducted our sessions in local classrooms. Have no doubt, we place the safety of our students at the forefront of our priorities.
Q: Is Your Organization Officially Accredited?
Our safe boating classes are approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators and the State of Connecticut. Additionally, our courses are recognized by the US Coast Guard.