About S.E.A. Safe Boating

S.E.A. Safe Boating Classes are NASBLA approved and recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest-quality boating education in the country. During an engineering project involving the development of a pump designed to clean up oil spills, we concluded that the best way to deal with an oil spill is to avoid one.

We began to focus on safety and shifted gears to recreational boating safety. We wrote our own nationally approved course book, “Learn from the Dolphins” ¹. We are dedicated to boating safety and have proudly been teaching boating courses since 1993.

¹ Our course book named “Learn From the Dolphins” was inspired by a bottlenose dolphin named ‘AJ’ who lives at the Dolphin Research Center in the Florida Keys. Dolphins have a mastery of the sea; they help one another without hesitation and navigate with pinpoint accuracy. Dolphins appear to truly enjoy their lives; they live in harmony with their environment and do nothing to destroy it. There is much to learn from the dolphins.

AJ, the dolphin